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Learn how Freckle Farm produceS healthy, nutritious, tasty food

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Tour Freckle Farm

If you’d like to see firsthand how we produce food in an environmentally and ethically responsible way, join us for a guided tour of Freckle Farm. Nestled in our own little gorge at the edge of the Pioneer Valley in North Queensland, Freckle Farm is home to the happiest cows, pigs and chickens you’ll meet – and their five human caretakers (our family!).

On our tours, you can:

  • Discover the difference between what we produce and what is more commonly found on the supermarket shelves

  • Get an insight into how we use natural farming practices to create stress-free lives for our lovely “residents”

  • Learn our top tips on how you can use permaculture, composting and worm farms at home in your own garden – to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle

  • Know your kids will be safe and catered for – we strongly believe that children should know where their food comes from too, so we’ve designed our tours to be kid-friendly

  • Purchase locally produced meat and eggs – direct from the farm!

Hay trailer rides

Pram-friendly tracks

45min from Mackay



A huge Thank You and WELL DONE on your farm tour. I found it so informative and inspiring, and you guys as a family are just beautiful. Thank you for what you are doing and thank you for sharing. I cannot wait to get the opportunity to come along again and bring more friends!
— Tina, Rural View