Freckle Farm FAQ

Where did the name Freckle Farm come from?

We chose the name for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious is because most of our animals have spots on them. Freckles are also associated with a healthy image of Queensland kids and the outdoors. Sunshine is the main driver of our farming system and freckles appear following exposure to the sun. All of our animals live outdoors and so have access to sunshine whenever it is daylight. Our chemical-free farming system also means that produce may sometimes have a mark, spot or ‘freckle’ that would not be there if it had been raised in a conventional system. At Freckle Farm, we produce real food – spots and all.

Is Freckle Farm produce organic?

We apply organic and biodynamic farming practices on Freckle Farm, however we are not certified organic. No chemicals, synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically modified feed are used in our farming system. The pigs and chickens are pasture fed, but also have access to a ration which does contain conventionally grown grain. For us it is about balance. Feeding organic feed to our animals would add significantly to the environmental and economic cost of our production system, since it would have to be sourced from the main production areas of organic grain in southern Australia. For us, the health benefits of food produced in a pasture-based system is more important than a certified organic label.

Where can I purchase Freckle Farm products?

Freckle Farm Shop is open Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm and Saturday 8am-1pm.

We’re also at the weekly Greater Whitsunday Farmers’ Markets every Wednesday from 7-11am at the Bluewater Quay on River Street.

Does Freckle Farm sell point of lay pullets?

Most of the time we don’t have enough point of lay pullets to be able to sell them as we need as many hens as possible to keep up with the demand for Freckle Farm eggs. However, we do regularly sell our ‘retired’ hens as backyard layers because these hens are still very productive and will lay nice big eggs for a further three to four years after they have finished their life as commercial hens. We sell these hens for $10 each and if you are interested in purchasing some please contact us and we will let you know when the next batch is available.

Why are Freckle Farm eggs so hard to peel when hard boiled?

When eggs are freshly laid they are much more likely to stick to the shell when peeling. Our eggs are usually delivered to customers in the week after they are laid, so you may want to let them sit around for a couple of weeks before using them for boiling.