Pastured Pigs - Freckle Farm's pork


Freckle Farm’s award-winning pork is renowned for its flavour, which comes from the heritage breed genetics and the grass-based diet our pigs enjoy. Our pigs are raised in a natural farming system. We do not use chemicals, antibiotics or hormones and there are no sheds or sow stalls.

They live on pasture in social groups and are able to root the ground with their powerful snouts, make wallows and forage for food as they would in their natural environment. We use a rotational grazing system to allow pastures to recover and provide animals with fresh feed on a regular basis 

In 2017, we won a Silver Medal in the Australian Food Awards for our fresh pork – meaning it was judged the best in Queensland and third in Australia. In 2018 – we raised the bar even further, winning gold as Australia’s best pork. 

We produce a full range of fresh pork cuts and a range of cured meats and smallgoods including bacon, ham kabana and chorizo. Our bacon has become highly sought after since it was awarded a Gold Medal in the Australian Food Awards in 2018.